Commissioning 2016

The academic year culminates with the Military Science Department Commissioning Ceremony.  After completion of finals and receiving their diploma, the MSIV Cadets transition from student life to appointment as an officer in the United States Army.  Upon reciting the oath of office, the lieutenants’ family members pin the gold bars upon their uniforms, and the Army’s newest leaders proceed to their branch qualification courses.

The 2016 ceremony was held at the beautiful Ford Alumni Center.   Guest speaker, Charles L. Deibert, Civilian Aide – Senior to the Secretary of the Army, shared a video detailing his career in the Marines, the Oregon Army National Guard, and the Reserves.

He spoke to the new lieutenants about how the Army is once again transforming itself and the importance of leadership during this time.

Truxal Stueber Spadoni Schafer

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2016Group Cabalka Diebert 2LTs