IRON OWL Competition

University of Oregon Cadets traveled to Klamath Falls, OR to once again test their limits by entering the Oregon Tech Veterans’ Association Iron Owl Competition.  Events took place at the OIT campus on Friday, May 23, 2014, and at Sportsman Park in Keno, Oregon on Saturday and Sunday.  The events are all derived from the US SOCOM community, which challenges the willingness and determination of teams.  This year’s competition included teams from UO, Oregon Tech, US Air Force Academy, and a team of veterans from Klamath Falls.  Ryan O’Hara, Matthew Hall, Samson Good, Kevyn Fox, and Stephen Glynn represented the UO ROTC.

Pictures below are from the 2013 event.

IronOwll13-5 IronOwl13-2 IronOwl13-3 IronOwl13-4 IronOwl13-7 IronOwl13-8 IronOwl13-9 IronOwl13-10 IronOwl13-11 IronOwl13-12 IronOwl13-14 IronOwl13-15 IronOwl13-16 IronOwl13-17 IronOwl13-18 IronOwl13