Leadership Development Exercise

The WEBFOOT WARRIOR BATTALION conducts a Leadership Development Exercise (LDX) each term, with different missions and tasks for the cadets to compete to help them develop leadership skills.  Fall 2015 offered cadets the opportunity to participate for the first time in the City of Eugene Emergency Disaster Relief Trials.  For this exercise, squads instructed civilians in use of a rope bridge and assisted in transportation of civilians and their bicycles across a waterway.  Additional photos and videos are available at https://www.facebook.com/eugenedrt.

While some squads were assisting the Disaster Relief operation, other squads participated in Virtual Battlefield Simulation (VBS) for the first time.  VBS was set up in a UO Computer lab.  Using the simulation, approximately 10-15 Cadets worked together to set up a Patrol Base, while dealing with inquiries from civilians and interference from opposing forces.

The third station of the day consisted of team building exercises.  Fall is the first opportunity for MSI cadets to take part in a full day of military training, and for MSIII cadets it is the first opportunity to lead a full scale operation utilizing the 8-step training model.

During Winter FTX cadets went to Dorena Lake to practice different mission sets and land navigation courses.  For Spring FTX cadets spent 3 days at Camp Baker near Florence, Oregon conducting a mock deployment to Atropia in preparation for summer camps at Fort Knox, KY.

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