Ranger Challenge

Ranger Challenge 2015-2016 was an exciting event for UO ROTC.  UO presented a strong team of competitors, and ROTC Cadre were in charge of the event at Camp Rilea on the Oregon Coast.  Teams from 11 universities competed, including University of Portland, Pacific Lutheran, University of Washington, University of Alaska, Oregon State University, University of Hawaii, Seattle University, Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, University of Guam, as well as University of Oregon.  Each team consisted of 9 members and an alternate.  The team from Seattle University was victorious and will compete at JBLM in February. Ranger Challenge is ROTC’s varsity sport. This individual/team LETTER sport provides cadets tough mental and physical challenges in selected individual and team skills.  Ranger Challenge is a Club Sport on campus and a varsity letter can be earned. Additionally, the Ranger Challenge Tab is awarded to those who make the competition team. A certificate of participation is also awarded to those cadets who participate in the Ranger Challenge Program but do not compete. Any UO student may participate.

Cadre Advisors: SFC Luke Eagan

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