Eric H. Strom, Class of 1981

Military Service/Achievements:Watch Officer, Intelligence Operations (1983-1984); Executive Officer, Headquarters & Service Company (1984-1985); Commander, Headquarters & Service Company (1985-1986); Asst S3/Plans and Training Officer, Military Intelligence Battalion (1986-1987); S1/Adjutant, Military Intelligence Battalion (1987-1988); Corps Electronic Warfare Officer (1988-1989); Instructor Electronic Battle Division, US Army Intelligence Center (1989-1991); Chief, Doctrine Branch, US Army Intelligence Center (1992).

Civilian Career/Achievements:
Regional Operations Manager, Montgomery Ward Product Service Division (1995-1996); Information Technology Director, Bank of America – Oregon (1996-1998); Options Program Manager, IBM Personal Computing Division (1999-2000); Manufacturing/Supply Chain Consultant, IBM Personal Computing Division (2001); Deputy Implementation Manager – Strategic Airport Security Rollout, Lockheed Martin (2002);Managing COnsultant, IBM Global Business Services (2004-2007)

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