Two-year Reserve Forces Duty (RFD) Scholarship

Two-year Reserve Forces Duty (RFD) Scholarships are awarded to the most outstanding applicants. In keeping with our high standards of excellence, candidates are selected for scholastic as well as extracurricular accomplishment, and not on the basis of financial need.

Scholarship benefits are awarded up to an annual amount of $17,000. In addition to the awarded scholarship, each winner receives a flat rate of $600 annually for books, supplies and equipment as well as up to $1,500 in spending money, tax free. Winners may use their scholarships at their choice of hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the United States.


Selection of winners is based on academic record, school officials’ evaluations, extracurricular, leadership and athletic activities, personal interview, and qualification in all respects of initial entry into the ROTC Advanced Course.

Since the Army, like many of today’s top organizations, values technological skills, scholarship preference is given to students pursuing degrees in engineering, the physical sciences, and nursing.



You’re eligible for the two-year RFD ROTC scholarship if you’re ready to begin college as a full-time junior, having a minimum cumulative academic grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 grading scale. All applicants must meet the following requirements

  • You’re a U.S. citizen.
  • You’ll be 17 years of age before the scholarship is effective.
  • You’re medically qualified for enrollment in the ROTC scholarship program.
  • You participate in leadership extra curricular and athletic activities (a part-time job earns you substitute credit.)
  • You’ll be under 27 on June 30 of the year you expect to graduate from college (qualifying veterans may be granted an age extension of up to four years.)
  • You’re enrolled in or accepted for enrollment as a full-time academic junior in a major course of study leading to a baccalaureate degree.
  • You agree to accept a commission in the United States Army.
  • You pursue an Army approved academic Major.
  • You meet required physical standards.


As a winner of a two-year Reserve Forces Duty scholarship, you’re required to take an ROTC class, which demands no more than a few hours of your time each week. Enlist in the Army National Guard or the United States Army Reserve and participate in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP). Upon graduation, you have an obligation to accept a commission and serve on active duty for 3 to 6 months for completion of Officer Basic Course training. Your would then continue your civilian occupation or advanced schooling on a full-time basis while continuing your Reserve Component service as a member of either an Army National Guard unit or U.S. Army Reserve Troop Program.


In addition to helping you meet the escalating cost of going to college, our program provides an experience that successful careers are built on. You’ll be given personal, scholastic and professional training no other college course offers. You’ll learn how to take charge, how to perform under pressure, and how to lead and inspire others. You’ll graduate with an impressive resume in leadership and management, and with the background employers value. That makes ROTC a step in a very smart direction.


Applications are available December through February. Your applications must be completed and received by Headquarters, Cadet Command by April. Winners are notified during the month of June.


To receive your two-year Scholarship application contact the scholarship advisor in the Army ROTC Military Science Department on your campus. Its just that simple.